Trend Setter Giant Florals

GIANT florals {Trend Setter}

Ok, ok…big surprise that I am posting about FLORALS on this months installment of {Trend Setter}.  I have actually wanted to post on florals for awhile now because it has been EVERYWHERE!!!!! Designed by Berrie Benson via Southern Living But within the past year or so I’ve really seen this concept of GIANT FLORALS.  It is […]

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SUEDE {Trend Setter}

Suede might be something you think about in fashion but let me tell you…it can be ultra luxe in your home!  Today’s TREND SETTER is all about SUEDE. I’ve been seeing it pop up more and more on the runway and when that happens you know it will be trickling down into Home Decor. Then […]

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Valentine Gifts for HER

Valentine Gifts for Her

Happy February!!!  As a we begin this month of LOVE I could not help but think about Valentine’s day.  It is just around the corner and will be here sooner than we think. I put together a little Valentine Gifts for Her.  Let’s be honest though, this was pretty much just a way to create a […]

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Bathroom Inspiration

Monday’s post was all about my Design Board for our Guest Bathroom and today I wanted to share a few bathroom inspirational photos from around the web. I’ve been pinning Bathroom pics like crazy these days!!!  Hey, come follow my pinterest too if you love staring into beautiful rooms like me!! ***  Bathroom Inspiration   […]

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Princess Tea Party Food

A Fancy, Princess Tea Party

In November, Miss L turned three and we celebrated with a Fancy, Princess Tea Party!! {the invitation} L loves dresses, especially ones that twirl.  She loves sparkly things, princesses, tiaras, and anything purple.  What else would you expect for a 3 year old little girl?! She is pretty shy so I knew a big party was […]

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